Life Cycle Events

“Rosalie has been my cantor for many years, and in addition has lead and helped create events of great beauty and meaning for my family. A musical bat mitzvah for our daughter, memorial services for my parents and for others in my community — in all these, Rosalie brought warmth, spiritual inspiration, and her extraordinary musical talent. If one of my kids were to marry, Rosalie would be the first person I would urge them to consider lead the ceremony.”

David A. Hoffman, Esq., Mediator, Arbitrator and Collaborative Lawyer; Boston Law Collaborative, LLC; Lecturer on Law, Harvard University

For Weddings

“The wedding would not have been the same without you! Your guidance to…was critical to the wedding ceremony success. …We were kvelling!”

“Your ears should be ringing now with the praise from all our wedding guests! You were a real star, and we will always be grateful for your officiating. The day was such a success, and you were a huge part of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With love…”

“WOW. I am really almost moved to tears. This will be such a wonderful ceremony. Very spiritual, musical, very inclusive of the people we love in our lives…very us. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to making this a personal and spiritual journey for J and myself.”

“Thank You so much Dear Rosalie:
Your contribution to our day made it perfect! We had many comments that our’s was possibly the most moving wedding ceremony ever! And we concur!”

“Rosalie made sure that our interests were at the center of the ceremony and spent a lot of time with us teaching us traditions from all walks of Judaism and crafting the perfect ceremony that spoke to us personally and spiritually.”

“Rosalie was a wonder to work with. She helped make our already special day unique and special for our guests. She brought a personal touch, humor, spirituality, and best of all music! ”

“People still talk about how much love there was at our wedding.”

“The ceremony was perfect and just what we wanted — full of love, music and laughs. The glow from our wedding hasn’t worn off yet!”

“We can’t thank you enough for making our wedding ceremony even more beautiful and special than we could have hoped for! We really enjoyed getting to know you….. thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Just wanted to say thank you again for helping us get married in such a beautiful, meaningful and special ceremony. We heard over and over that our guests didn’t even know that a ceremony could be so warm and personal and interesting. It was a total honor that you spent so much time with us.”

“It was truly a special experience for us and even more so because you were there. We can’t even begin to express our gratitude — and we definitely would like to keep in touch! You will always hold a unique role as our Jewish advisor and counselor.”

“Thank you so very much for all you have done for us today and over the past few months. Your wisdom, flexibility and wonderful warmth mean so very much to us. With deep gratitude…”

For Baby Namings

“Thank you so much Rosalie. The ceremony was just perfect. We sincerely appreciate all the work and thought you put into it. It was very meaningful for all of us.”

“Rosalie created a baby naming ceremony for our grandchildren that provided a bridge between the Jewish and non-Jewish members of the family and at the same time brought in the traditions and music that evoked deeply seated emotions among the Jewish family members. The most critical aspect was that in officiating at this ceremony Rosalie enabled the door to be kept open, allowing the interfaith couple to continue to explore the path they would take into the future.”

For Memorial Services

“Rosalie Gerut was the officiant at my Father’s funeral, and I can only praise her for her sensitivity, spiritually-uplifting singing, and compassion in running the service. As she knew my Dad over the years, she was able to contribute her kind words as a friend as well as an official at the funeral. She calmed us down and gave us grounding during this trying time. Rosalie is a wonderful leader, singer, and healer who is skillfully and emotionally able to help a group of people feel their grief and begin to get beyond it after the passing of a loved one.”

“Throughout the years I have witnessed and admired your singing and your presence — whether at a friend’s child’s Bat/Bar Mitzvah, funerals or as a guest during the High Holy Days. So when D called to let me know that you were available, I knew that everything was going to be alright — you did a wonderful job and many people afterwards told me they were inspired…”

“…you have such a lovely way of leading the service. It is so warm and welcoming. Despite the heavy content of service, I left with a lightened heart.”

“I love listening to your voice…it is so comforting. Not to mention your kindness, your thoughtfulness, and your incredible dedication…you bring joys in ways you probably never imagine.”

“You have done such a beautiful job of putting together this service. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day for our family, thanks to your welcoming and open arms.”

“It was such a pleasure to have you with us at -’s funeral. You brought a sense of grace and gentleness to the occasion, and a moment that was so sad also so beautiful.”