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Songs of Paradise

Produced by The Yiddishpiel Theatre, Israel

“…The most winning element of all is the music. No more is the music related to the Diaspora or the Ghetto. The music flows with a variety of styles like Jazz, Rock, Rap, Swing and even a kind of Operetta, that was such an audience pleaser — this music, totally original, was written by Rosalie Gerut and arranged by David Sparr…”

Alice Blitental, News 1

Songs of Paradise

Produced by the Joseph Papp Public Theater

“Miss Gerut’s onstage talent matches her offstage creativity.”

The New York Times

“There is surely nothing now onstage in New York that is more sprightly in any of our city’s many tongues than Songs of Paradise, the first production of the Joseph Papp Yiddish Theater. [It is] witty, tuneful, contemporary and traditional. …The music, by Rosalie Gerut…draws on everything from rock-and-roll and gospel to traditional Jewish beats.”

Richard F. Shepard, The New York Times

“It was early on that I started smiling at Songs of Paradise…being a stroll, with music — and what music!… But most seductive of all is Rosalie Gerut, as Hagar, old Abraham’s fancy woman, and as Rachel, for whom I jotted down the following: ‘Enter Rachel, strewing flowers, also song, in Yiddish/French on tippytoes like Minnie Mouse’. The amazing thing was that when I glanced at the program and saw that the music was also by Gerut. It is the most eclectic and lively syncopated blend this side of Al Carmines — jazz, ragtime, blues, gospel-jubilee, rock a snatch from ‘Carmen,’…etc., etc., all richly interwoven of course with Jewish melodies and rhythms…”

Jerry Tallmer, New York Post

“The show…is exhilarating… Ms. Gerut’s score ranges from klezmer to ballad. She can be tender, as in a painfully beautiful duet between Sara and Hagar (Ms. Gerut), or outrageous — at the birth of Isaac…the cast breaks out into gospel, which quickly becomes classic do-wop rock and roll.”

The Jewish Voice

“…charming score…”

New York Magazine

“The Public Theater got it right this time. Songs of Paradise works… From beginning to end it is a beguiling show…”

Leo Segilsohn, Newsday

“The bottom line about Songs of Paradise is that you’ll enjoy it a lot…”

Mary Campbell, Associated Press

“From so much laughing you could plotz!”

Village Voice

“For young and old alike.”

Daily News

Songs of Paradise Revival

“Rosalie Gerut’s attractive score…is a lively knockoff of pop, operetta, rock, rap, gospel and folk idioms… with musicality in its genes.”


Songs of Paradise, the sunny, high-spirited Yiddish-English musical at Theater Four… pianist Larry Goldberg and the percussionist Rex Benicasa do lively justice to an eclectic score that draws upon jazz, rock and gospel among others… In many ways Songs of Paradise add up to old-time entertainment.”

Lawrence Van Gelder, New York Times

“Rosalie Gerut’s score…is endlessly inventive; it ranges from jazzy, percussive, klezmer-style rhythms to ragtime, rhythm and blues, and film-score type pop. The show-stopper comes near the end of the first half, when Abraham’s siring of Ishmael and resultant marital woes are noted by the cast in a rousing Motown number that brings down the house.”

The Jewish Week

“The sounds of rock, klezmer, Motown, jazz, Latin rhythms, etc. blaze a trail through Genesis.”

Joan Eshkanazi, Curtain Up

“The inventive music by Rosalie Gerut, is a…combination of ragtime, gospel, rock and klezmer, with a Sousa march and a saucy aria tossed in, the tunes are rousing — even inspiring the audience to clap along on occasion.”

Bonnie Friedman, The Forward

“Paradise is found in Yiddish Musical”

New York Post

Prairie Lights

Stage Left Theater

“incisive and poignant—evokes the hopefulness of the winter holidays”

Chicago Sun-Times

“affirming and family-friendly”

Chicago Tribune

“Excellent shows reach you emotionally and Prairie Lights sure does that—beautifully written script—fresh family entertainment—a special treat.”

Chicago Stage Talk Radio

“…evokes the hopefulness of the winter holidays…treats children and adults with respect.”

Columbus Dispatch, Ohio

Prairie Lights was well received by our audiences. In fact, i can’t remember a show I’ve directed that received so many positive comments. The story is rich and the music is thoroughly enjoyable!”

Terry Hedges, Port of Call Community Players, Spencerport, New York

Shlemiel The First

Produced by the American Repertory Theater, Cambridge, Massachusetts; the American Music Theater Festival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York City’s Lincoln Center Serious Fun Series

“Especially impressive is Rosalie Gerut as Shlemiel’s wise and long-suffering wife.”

Howard Kessel, New York Daily News

“Rosalie Gerut as Mrs. Shlemiel manages subtlety under unsubtle circumstances, and sings sweetly.”

Markland Taylor, Variety

“…a marvelous comic singer.”


“…this musical should enjoy a healthy tenure at some nice Off Broadway house…bring it up to the level of its top members Rosalie Gerut and Marily Sokol…”

John Simon, New York Times

“…the star is the music…whether belted by Marilyn Sokol…or torched by Rosalie Gerut in a song to her foolish beloved.”

Jack Kroll, Newsweek

“The most winning performance…comes from Rosalie Gerut, whose Tryna Rytza combines playful intelligence, earthy sexiness and a pure, potent soprano.”

Malcolm Johnson, The Hartford Courant

“Tryna, a seller of radishes, played beautifully by Rosalie Gerut, who has a fine singing voice and good stage presence, castigates her husband for being a no good Shlemiel. While the comedy is a constant, the love scene between Shlemiel and his wife is quite moving.”

WMNR Fine Arts Radio, Monroe, Connecticut

“…Shlemiel’s shrewish, but ultimately loving wife, lustily portrayed by actress/singer Rosalie Gerut…”

Nancy Rubin, Greenwich Time

“Ms. Gerut [Mrs. Shlemiel} exudes confidence and strength — a fine voice… In the show’s only scenes that evoke real feeling… When the two [Mr. & Mrs. Shlemiel] melt in each others arms as possible strangers, the tables are for once turned and the effect is complete joy.”

Edward Buroughs, Trader Weekend

“Singer and songwriter Rosalie Gerut brings a beautiful voice and fine comic timing to the role of Mrs. Shlemiel.”

Gary Haber, North County News, New York

“…Shlemiel’s shrewish, but ultimately loving wife, (is) lustily portrayed by actress/singer Rosalie Gerut…”

Nancy Rubin, The Advocate, Stamford, Connecticut

Imported Bridegroom

“…the many surprises [of the] screenplay…unfold trippingly, like the clarinet cadences in the klez-inspired score.”

The Village Voice