Facilitator / Journeys of Transformation


Books, Stories, and Articles with Rosalie’s Writings

“We Are Here” song by R. Gerut published in the anthology The Undying Flame Jerry Silverman, 1998

“The One by One Dialogue Concept” by W. Busse, M. Emme, R. Gerut, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1996

“We Shall Not Forget! Memories of the Holocaust”  ed. C.G. Vogel, a collection of second generation stories, inspired by groups that R. Gerut facilitated at Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA

“Mourning Has Broken” by C. B’Hahan featuring story by R. Gerut

“Shared Stages” by S.B. Cohen and J.B. Koch featuring “We Are Here”

“Forgiveness and Reconciliation” ed. by A. Kalajian and R. Paloujian, featured article by W. Busse, M. Emme and R. Gerut 2010

One by One: Journeys of Transformation ed. by R. Gerut